Social Justice

“Never worry about numbers.  Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest to you.” – Mother Teresa

Guided by the seven themes of Catholic social teaching, the Church embraces the challenge of championing a more just future. Because God created the human person as a social being, all have a duty to actively participate in creating a culture that works together for the common good. As brothers and sisters in Christ, all people have a responsibility to protect one another.

Our local advocacy efforts on social justice include: criminal justice reform, disabilities rights, prostitution, human trafficking, economic justice, clean rivers program, care for creation, immigration reform, and affordable housing.

A prayer for justice

God, you have given all people one common origin. It is your will that they be gathered together as one family in yourself.
Fill the hearts of humankind with the fire of your love and with the desire to ensure justice for all.
By sharing the good things you give us, may we secure an equality for all our brothers and sisters throughout the world.
May there be an end to division, strife, and war. 
May there be a dawning of a truly human society built on love and peace. We ask this in your name.