DC Catholic Conference

Working to create a good and just society in the District of Columbia.

What we do

Under the leadership of Cardinal Wilton D. Gregory, the DC Catholic Conference advocates for public policy interests in the District of Columbia and encourages Catholics to actively participate in the public square.

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Find out how you can help advance the Gospel and advocate for important issues here in the District of Columbia.

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Pray to St. Joseph of Cupertino if you...
- have a learning disability
- have difficulty with reading comprehension
- need help with executive functioning skills
- need to remember something
- are flying on a plane! 🙂
#Feastday #Catholicdisability

Everyone in a parish community should know where to refer a pregnant woman in need. We are called to be the salt of the earth, to be the light of the world, and to glorify our Heavenly Father with good deeds. Be a light to a mom in need today! 🌻

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