About Us

Who We Are

The DC Catholic Conference represents the public policy interests of the Catholic Church that impact people in the District of Columbia and encourages active participation by Catholics in the public square. We work with the local government and the federal government, particularly in support of policies that help those in need and serve the common good.

Our priorities reflect a record of service and authentic teaching

Our priorities reflect not only our experience as one of the region’s largest service providers, but also the clarity and consistency of the area’s  single largest faith community under the official leadership of Wilton D. Gregory, Archbishop of Washington.

The Catholic impact in the District of Columbia

  • 39 parish communities numbering more than 50,000 Catholics
  • 20 primary and secondary schools with over 5,700 students, saving DC taxpayers $107.5 million annually
  • Catholic Charities, whose 48 programs serve about 58,000 people, offering shelter, nutrition and family support
  • Immigration and employment services
  • Medical and dental care assistance for over 1,600 mentally or developmentally disabled residents
  • Housing, education, day care and more for 650 women, children and teen moms at St. Ann’s Center for Children, Youth and Families
  • 382 units of affordable, quality housing for seniors and families through Victory Housing and St. Martin’s Apartments
  • $10 million in pro bono legal and medical assistance for low-income people
  • 2 Catholic hospitals with over 30,500 inpatient admissions and providing over  $450 million annually in community benefits and uncompensated care
  • Hundreds of parish ministries, providing city residents with food, shelter, clothing, literacy, prison reentry support and more