About Us

Catholic Impact in the District of Columbia.

  • 39 parishes and more than 50,000 Catholics
  • 18 primary and secondary schools with over 5,700 students, saving DC taxpayers $107.5 million annually
  • Catholic Charities, whose 48 programs serve about 58,000 people, offering shelter, nutrition and family support, immigration and employment services
  • Medical and dental care assistance for over 1,600 residents with mental or developmental disabilities
  • Housing, education, day care and more for 650 women, children and teen moms at St. Ann’s Center for Children, Youth and Families
  • 382 units of affordable, quality housing for seniors and families through Victory Housing and St. Martin’s Apartments
  • $10 million in pro bono legal and medical assistance for people with low-income
  • Hundreds of parish ministries, providing city residents with food, shelter, clothing, literacy, prison reentry support and more

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